Your most valuable asset is your imagination.

99% of jobs can and will be replaced by automation

Sure, I may have made that up, but my message still stands. Literally almost every job will be replaced by automation in the next century or so. Factory workers have been feeling the pinch for the last twenty years, and you might within the next 10 years or so.

Of course, these are just a few examples, but basically maybe 80% working in any given industry very much can be replaced by robots in the next 20 years. Healthcare, shipping, construction, marketing, HR, and potentially even basic software development tasks can all be automated 80% or so.

Humans are garbage

Humans need food, humans need a place to stay, humans need to make enough to vacation, humans need to make enough to pay for a marriage and kids all to work for five hours productively in a 9-5 day and make a ton of mistakes while doing so. Humans are inefficient.

Renting a V100 from freaking AWS costs $3.06/hour or $0.53 from FluidStack. A V100 never goes to sleep (unlike humans). You can spin up more (no need to train humans for two weeks), never complains (no emotional impact), and continues going (never goes on strike, in fact to run the same program costs less every year).

Imagination is your most important asset.

If robots can replace 99% of the current jobs at a fraction of the costs, what is there left, and how can you retain your job?

I personally think that your imagination is the most important. A robot will never be able to dream up a new idea, try out a radically new thing, or come up with that new scientific theory — or at least not in the next 100 years.

And so, although we might see robots replacing freelancers (like low level front-end devs), we need people to come up with the next design trends, and with creating becoming affordable, our world might just become much more efficient and allow humans to work just two hours per day or less and live lavish lives. Who knows?

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