I’m Living The Dream

Every night when I sleep, I am pretty happy. Now I realize, I am living the dream as a 15-year-old!


One of the images I created at FluidStack

I have a job.

My workspace is the best you can imagine. At FluidStack, I have the freedom to work on whatever I think is fit. No managers – it’s all a single team working together.

I look up to Gary and Jamie, and I believe in everything they do. I have no doubts that their decisions are good for not only the company but also me.

My pay is good. $30/hour for the first 5 hours and $35/hour for the next 5 might not seem too good to you entitled Americans, but at FluidStack, it’s a lot. Their AngelList Founder Engineer listing is up to 60k EUR/year, which I’m getting quite close to! I’m paid over double Andre, who’s at $14/hour, and I’m paid three times Axzel and Javier, who are at $10/hour, so I’m pretty happy.

We are starting to work on Filecoin mining, and I like that we are working on projects that can change our own financial situations (if it works out, it’s a 1m MRR mining pool, worth 150m that I own a tiny part of!).


This year, I have been able to sleep quite a bit more than previous years, as I now care less and less about school, so I am much happier.


Instead of doing sports I hate, I now bike (which I love) and will start Nordic Ski team, and I love the team. In addition, I know that I will be happy even if I am last place and the team spirit is amazing, so I am happy with that.

I just went biking today, and although it was freezing cold, I still enjoyed the experience. I tied up a bungee cord around the broken brake on the trainer bike at home, so I will do that in the future from now on.


Instead of aiming for all As and being depressed when I didn’t achieve that, I am simply doing by best and accepting the grade I get. I’m not staying late, and I signed up for advisory, so I am pretty positive. I anticipate my term 1 average to be around a B+ or an A- overall. It’s lower than last year, but my well-being is good.


Dash Cloud logo designed by @Chievo from Kindof OK but I think it could be improved a lot.
Dash Cloud logo designed by Sam, the friend who is working with me. Isn’t this amazing, haha 🙂

Here is the final thing: I am looking up to Dash Cloud, which is my latest venture. With FluidStack, VectorDash, Vast.AI and all being potential customers, I am confident that it will go well. Last week, the first 3080 arrived. Sam and I (we sit together at lunch and I would call him my best friend) set up the server, and it works!

Unfortunately, FluidStack hasn’t been able to sell it (but also hasn’t listed it on the main website, only the order website), but I am positive that everything will work out, especially with the actual 3080 arriving (so Solutions Architect Group isn’t a scam), which has reduced quite a bit of my stress. We also are selling most 3080s, and they are still out-of-stock everywhere, so we will be able to get them out for definitely above MSRP (although maybe not as high as we anticipated. 20 3080s at $100 profit is 100% fine with me though!)

We have 2 servers for the 3080s and some other cards. 1 uses the Supermicro motherboard (3x 3080s + 3x other GPUs) and another uses an Asrock motherboard (7x 3080s). I am confident that everything will work out.

Low End Forums

I am staying active (multiple times) on and It’s a community that I can relate to and talk with, so I am thrilled to be there with like-minded people.

Storj Mining

Going well, although VPSes are absolute garbage, and some of my nodes are down (I don’t care enough to make them back up).

New Computer

I recently built my own computer with an AMD Ryzen 3600, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and an NVMe SSD! It is truly a beast compared to what I had before, and only for < $500 including tax!

Steam Splash

New SteamSplash website

I recently created a new website for Steam Splash, and I think it’s pretty cool. Hopeful Steam Splash will grow.


Basically, everything is going well right now, I have a job – an internship at a startup FluidStack, which two years ago I would think amazing!!!, I have two profitable companies, an amazing new friend (Sam), and I am getting enough sleep/exercise. All in all, I am living the dream!

I am very hopeful that things wil improve.

I need to enjoy it until next year comes along and everything changes…

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