It’s Easy When You Control The Facts

Yup, it is. You can push any political message and convince anyone to do anything. That’s insane.

So what if you didn’t control the facts? Then others can dispute your opinion and prove you wrong.

I believe the reason people in our current administration and far-leaning journalists skew, sugarcoat, and alter facts is because they can say anything to their supporters, and their supporters would be too embarrassed to admit they’re wrong to switch sides.

When facts are known, people can take different interpretations for themselves, which lessens the amount of money the journalists make or lowers approval ratings for politicians.

I think an increasing (and wrong) trend we will see is people disputing fundamental givens for their own gain rather than relying on a series of known facts to make educated decisions and opinions to better humanity.

Sun In Horizon
The sun is setting. Will we be able to catch up to it before we hit another “dark” era where fundamental facts, formulas, and ideas are disputed so much for political and economic gain?

At least that’s just my take. What do I know?

But more importantly, what do you know?

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