Let’s Watch A Sunset

Sometimes, even in the middle of an extraordinary event, we should stop to relax, refresh, and reflect.

You may have done a lot.

Florida Snorkeling Views
Florida Snorkeling Views. What will you have seen at the bottom?

You may have dove to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Let’s watch a sunset to relax after a tiring dive. There is still another day of work. Let’s be ready for it and not burnt out tomorrow.

Airplane Parked at Boston Logan Airport
Airplane Parked at Boston Logan Airport

You may have had a 30 hour travel day. Let’s watch a sunset and enjoy nature to refresh our brains for another day of work. Perhaps we will be able to think of better algorithms for our coding job.

Alaska Airlines Airbus Blocking Sun
Alaska Airlines Airbus Blocking Sun

Or, you may be embarking on a treacherous journey. Let’s watch a sunset to reflect upon previous decisions so we can be ready to encounter even more challenging ones.

Sunset in Florida
Sunset in Florida. Can you imagine being here?

My point is, we all need to take some time off for ourselves. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla probably did not complete problems without breaks for ages to become some of the greatest people known to humanity.

Instead, they faced challenges, reflected, relaxed for a bit, and went back with renewed opinions with a refreshed mind to solve their problems.

So, if you are in a tough spot, take a break for a while, and you might even come up with solutions during that break.

Do not work yourself to death, work yourself to freedom, and I think breaks can really help.

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