I Miss Traveling

I don’t miss traveling, but I do miss the feeling of freedom that I can go somewhere outside of my home without getting COVID-19.

No, I don’t really miss traveling right now, I just miss the freedom that comes with knowing that I can travel. The last time I was on an airplane was back in February. That’s not too long ago, and sometimes I will only fly once or twice a year, but right now, the mental feeling of lack of freedom is bumming me out. My original plans for the summer even included a weeklong mileage run!

Isolated Florida Island
Isolated Florida Island. Imagine staying here for a week!

Anyways, stay home and stay safe. Let’s hope COVID-19 passes quickly and does not come back in a second wave, which means that we should continue holding restrictions until no new cases come in and carefully monitor the situation afterwards. I’ll just work on my projects instead.

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